Line Illustrations


A caterpillar sculpts himself a cloud-breathing friend from the clouds.
My Friend the Clouderpillar
Captain on deck gazes through his eye glass as his sailors unsuccessfully try to rescue Bob from an octopus attack.
Cap'n, We Lost Bob
Chimps from the DMN news network cover the breaking news of a rock's sudden death in Old Fork City.
Breaking News
A couple owligators play some basketball at court on Carnivore Street.
Owligator Hoops
Elephant awaits a plateful of brain sushi being delivered by a samurai alligator.
Brain Sushi
An opera-singing, great white shark ballerina dances across the stage while playing the role of a lumberjack butcher.
The Great White Opera
An impaled picture frame containing a mysterious portrait of an important-looking bunny hangs next to a simple lamp.
Who's That Bunny?
Spiders in medieval spaceships prepare for battle near a large planet and its moon.
Prepare for Battle
World travelling kangaroo lounges on deck holding a globe while enjoying fresh lemonade from his on-board lemon tree.
World Traveller
An outdoors-enthusiast chameleon watches in blissful anticipation as his scale model campfire finishes 3D-printing.
3D-printed Bliss
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