Boy walks down his street into the sunset followed by a leaf

Faith in Captivity

Faith in Captivity

Story illustrations from Daniel chapter 1 from the Bible


Wicked Worship

Israel turned from God and worshipped idols made from wood and stone, iron and bronze, silver and gold. They worshipped things created instead of the Creator.

Cruel Conqueror

For Israel’s disobedience God allowed their enemies to enslave them. The Babylonians were wicked and did not fear the God of heaven and earth. King Nebuchadnezzar conquered with power and pride.

Pagan Delight

The pagan king offered the boys flesh of the fattest beasts, his own choice wine, and the finest dainties Babylon could produce, but Daniel purposed in his heart not to defile himself with these temptations.

Food of Faith

God granted Daniel favour with his master and the boys were served vegetables and water for a ten day test. Appearing fairer and stronger than the others, their diet was changed permanently and they joyfully ate the food
of faith.

Before the King

At the appointed time the king asked the boys many difficult questions, and in every area they were found to be ten times wiser than all the king’s counsellors. God had richly blessed their faithfulness.

Use for Teaching

If you would like to use these illustrations and descriptions for teaching the Bible, you may print and/or display them free of charge with attribution given to myself. You may not sell these images whole or in part or incorporate them into any commercial product or service for any kind of profit. If you wish to use these images or text for purposes other than teaching, please contact me for permission.

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Boy walks down his street into the sunset followed by a leaf

Followed by a Leaf

Followed by a Leaf

A­ Children’s Story Written and Illustrated by Nathan Parkinson


The day was cold and gray outside
And chills danced up my back.

I was bundled really tight
And carrying a pack.

I rang the bell to tell the driver
Of the bus to stop;

When it was time to leave the bus
I left there with a hop.

The wind blew hard and made me hide
My face inside my glove.

I leaned into the cruel breeze
That showed no signs of love.

I started walking down my street
When I spied some small thing;

This quick brown thing did follow me
As if I were its king.

At first I thought it was a mouse
Which caused a bit of fright, 

But as I looked more closely there
I saw I wasn’t right.

This creature that was following
Was not at all alive;

It was a leaf that danced along
The road where cars do drive.

The presence of this little leaf
Gave me some thoughts of fun.

I wasn’t just a little boy;
I was a kingly one!

My steps grew bigger
And I felt as royalty would feel

With all my loyal subject leaves
All ready now to kneel.

This path I walked on was not made
From common stone so cold;

The streets in my great kingdom were
Made with the purest gold!

There is no cold or sadness to
Be found within my walls;

Each person has a castle and
The finest horse of all.

Just then my thoughts of greatness were
All scattered by the wind;

But when I looked behind myself
I saw that my leaf grinned.

He was no ordinary leaf:
I think I know for sure.

He followed with me all the way;
Oh, what great friends we were.

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