Promptathon Day 6: The Rat Knight

This is the 6th in a series of 7 drawings for Drawabox’s 2022 Spring Promptathon. You can see the intro to the series in this post.

The prompt for day 6 was The Court of the Rat King. You can see the full prompt on the prompt page. Below is my submission for this day’s prompt.

The Rat Knight

After millennia of conflict the rat and cat peoples have finally come to terms . . . total enslavement of the cat people!!! [evil laugh]

Chess piece of mouse mounted on cat. Mouse tail wraps around cat's body. White piece set against black background.
The Rat Knight by Nathan Parkinson, Brushpen, April 2022

For Drawabox’s 2022 Spring PromptathonDay 6: The Court of the Rat King

Promptathon Day 6: The Rat Knight