Promptathon Day 1: Faucet Falcon

Drawabox’s 2022 Summer Promptathon is here! This is the 1st of 7 days of drawing prompts.

The prompt for day 1 is Bathroom Spacecraft. You can see the full prompt on the prompt page. Below is my submission for this day’s prompt.

Faucet Falcon

Captain Weldon: Prepare for intergalactic departure!
First Mate: The energy faucet is at full power, Sir.
Captain Weldon: To the stars . . .

Faucet Falcon by Nathan Parkinson, Brushpen & Prismacolor, June 2022

For Drawabox’s 2022 Summer PromptathonDay 1: Bathroom Spacecraft

Promptathon Day 1: Faucet Falcon