Self-portrait by Nathan Parkinson, Digital, Aug 2023

Nathan's bio

I was born and raised in a Christian home in southern Ontario, Canada. Around age thirteen I began to mature as my desire to please God with my life and to read the Bible started to grow. I have long been fascinated with and inspired by the geniuses that history has nearly forgotten: particularly Nikola Tesla, Royal Rife, and the fictitious polymaths Sherlock Holmes and Tony Stark. Presently, my focus is directed towards growing in wisdom, health, self-reliance, and of course, artistry. I love to tell people about the Gospel, the good news.

I believe I contracted my love for art from my late mother, a self-taught artist known for her realistic murals and portraits. My interest in art began as a child and grew especially through high school where I cherished art class, along with math, gym, and science. It wasn’t until after a few false career starts that I rediscovered my love for drawing and decided to pursue it seriously.

My aim is to illustrate impactful moments from true and fictional stories with a special enthusiasm for the imaginary. Come along on my journey as I strive to tell intriguing visual stories and take my viewers to fascinating worlds and places they’ve never been before.

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Follow along with my artistic journey​