Drawabox’s 2022 Spring Promptathon

For a few months I’ve been working through the incredible (and somewhat monotonous) Drawabox course (I’m on Lesson 2 and really enjoying the challenging texture studies!). I’ve known about Drawabox for probably over a year, but I finally dove into it in January of this year to really nail down my drawing fundamentals. After many years of work, Irshad (Uncomfortable) — the founder and instructor of Drawabox — and his teaching assistants were feeling burnt out and announced Drawabox’s first quarterly drawing promptathon which ran from March 25-31. During the promptathon students drew from a new prompt each day instead of doing their usual homework and submitted their work for everyone’s enjoyment . . . and exclusive avatars, achievements, and bonus credits. The drawing for each prompt had to be completed within 24 hours of the prompt being revealed. It was a great community event which lasted 7 days and generated a ton of creativity.

Today I’ll just share what the prompts were, and then over the next 7 days I’ll share my artwork for each day of the event.

Drawing Prompts

Click on an image to read the full prompt description on the Drawabox website.

Day 1: Cosmic Confectionary

Day 2: Mushroom Manor

Day 3: Tea Time at World’s End

Day 4: Mascot High School

Day 5: Decanter of Drowning

Day 6: The Court of the Rat King

Day 7: Junkyard Symphony

Nathan’s Artwork

I look forward to sharing my art with you. I had great fun with the prompts, and I know the other participants did as well. I’d like to say a huge thanks to Irshad and his team for an incredibly inspiring week of drawing and fun, and I want to thank the Drawabox community for all the friendly interactions and support. The Drawabox promptathon was the final push I needed to get this blog up and running.

The following links will become active as each post is published over the next 7 days.