Daniel 1: Pulse and Water

This is the fifth and final illustration for the book of Daniel chapter 1 from the Bible.

See the complete collection: Faith in Captivity.

God granted Daniel favour with his master and the boys were served vegetables and water for a ten day test. Appearing fairer and stronger than the others, their diet was changed permanently and they joyfully ate the food of faith.

Pulse and Water by Nathan Parkinson, Digital, Mar 2024

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The Singing Whale

While visiting your loving, elderly grandparent, they give you an item very dear to them: a small, beautifully-crafted whistle on a chain which they received as a child from a mysterious, but kind, lady in their village. When wet, the whistle calls the nearest whales. In their more-active days as a marine wildlife expert, your grandparent used this whistle to call and tame the beasts of the sea; now they bestow this treasure into your hands for safe-keeping and prudent use.

The Singing Whale by Nathan Parkinson, Brushpen & Prismacolor, April 2022

Standing on the shore of the ocean you gaze at the whistle. When dry, the whistle sounds only of rushing air; when wet, but on land, the whistle sounds of rushing water; but when the whistle is wet and you’re in the water, the whistle sings an ancient and beautiful melody, though seemingly blowing a single tone.

Drawing Prompt: Taming the Sea

I’ve participated in a couple drawing promptathons myself now and have had a great time. Drawing prompts are a great opportunity to grow in your creativity and productivity. Now, I present my own drawing prompt for anyone interested.

Design a whale/water-based whistle that one could use to tame some creature(s) of the sea. The focus here would be on the appearance of the whistle. You can also base your whistle on an oceanic element other than a whale.

I’d love to see what you come up with; so please do leave a comment with a link to your artwork if you’d like to share it.

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Promptathon Day 2: Fungi Ascending

This is the 2nd in a series of 7 drawings for Drawabox’s 2022 Spring Promptathon. You can see the intro to the series in this post.

The prompt for day 2 was Mushroom Manor. You can see the full prompt on the prompt page. Below is my submission for this day’s prompt.

Fungi Ascending

As you reach the shores of this foreign land, your breath is taken by the majestic sight of the fungi palace ascending into the heavens. A fellow traveler overhears you exclaim, “What an honour to have been invited to such a prestigious realm. Bless the one who imagined such magnificence.”

View of walled Fungi Palace from docked boat. Boulder wall to right. Water and land is blue with red mushroom tops.
Fungi Ascending by Nathan Parkinson, Prismacolor & Ink, April 2022

For Drawabox’s 2022 Spring PromptathonDay 2: Mushroom Manor

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