March 2023

Ghost Yolk: Photo

Sometimes God gives you special moments to appreciate the beauty and intrigue of His creation. Simple as it may be, I feel this moment was a gift to me and I’d like to share it with you.

Ghost Yolk by Nathan Parkinson, Dec 2022

Language Transfer: Learn Languages Efficiently

If you’re looking to learn a language, I highly recommend you check out Language Transfer. The learning material is fantastic, but unfortunately, I cannot endorse its creator on a personal or philosophical level.

Having used Language Transfer personally I loved it so much I decided to make some promotional artwork for them (read more of my experience below). If you’ve benefited from Language Transfer and want to tell others about it, feel free to share, print, download, or otherwise use the following high-resolution artwork to spread the word about Language Transfer.


Learning Spanish

I have long wanted to learn other languages and I finally took action to learn some Spanish. As I searched for learning resources I discovered an exceptional course in this video, Language Transfer; it is a platform of free, high-quality audio courses that take you by the hand and teach you to think in and speak new languages.

I have finished the Complete Spanish course and can highly recommend it to anyone serious about learning to speak Spanish. Currently the languages taught are French, Swahili, Italian, Greek, German, Turkish, Arabic, and, of course, Spanish; there’s also a course about Music.

Listening is a separate skill. Visit the following link to see the many methods and resources I have been using for Learning Spanish.

Mihalis the founder of Language Transfer is currently working to teach others to use The Thinking Method he employs for his language courses to teach other subjects intuitively.

I am not affiliated with or sponsored by Language Transfer. This art was created on a volunteer basis.

Snowy World: Photos

Winter is a core part of living in a semi-northern climate, but with the challenges of cold and snow come great beauty. While the day began gloomy as usual, the sky cleared to a gorgeous blue. (Photos taken March 4, 2023)

Snowy World 9 by Nathan Parkinson, Mar 2023