Giraffe Illustrations for Colouring Book – Part 2

Giraffe Illustrations - Part 2

Giraffe Line Illustrations for Children’s Colouring Book (client work via Upwork)

Dec 2023

Artwork shown with client’s permission

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Boy walks down his street into the sunset followed by a leaf

Followed by a Leaf

Followed by a Leaf

A­ Children’s Story Written and Illustrated by Nathan Parkinson


The day was cold and gray outside
And chills danced up my back.

I was bundled really tight
And carrying a pack.

I rang the bell to tell the driver
Of the bus to stop;

When it was time to leave the bus
I left there with a hop.

The wind blew hard and made me hide
My face inside my glove.

I leaned into the cruel breeze
That showed no signs of love.

I started walking down my street
When I spied some small thing;

This quick brown thing did follow me
As if I were its king.

At first I thought it was a mouse
Which caused a bit of fright, 

But as I looked more closely there
I saw I wasn’t right.

This creature that was following
Was not at all alive;

It was a leaf that danced along
The road where cars do drive.

The presence of this little leaf
Gave me some thoughts of fun.

I wasn’t just a little boy;
I was a kingly one!

My steps grew bigger
And I felt as royalty would feel

With all my loyal subject leaves
All ready now to kneel.

This path I walked on was not made
From common stone so cold;

The streets in my great kingdom were
Made with the purest gold!

There is no cold or sadness to
Be found within my walls;

Each person has a castle and
The finest horse of all.

Just then my thoughts of greatness were
All scattered by the wind;

But when I looked behind myself
I saw that my leaf grinned.

He was no ordinary leaf:
I think I know for sure.

He followed with me all the way;
Oh, what great friends we were.

Thanks for reading 🙂

I’d love to hear what you and your kids think of this story. Let me know!

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Followed by a Leaf Read More »