Promptathon Day 2: Fungi Ascending

This is the 2nd in a series of 7 drawings for Drawabox’s 2022 Spring Promptathon. You can see the intro to the series in this post.

The prompt for day 2 was Mushroom Manor. You can see the full prompt on the prompt page. Below is my submission for this day’s prompt.

Fungi Ascending

As you reach the shores of this foreign land, your breath is taken by the majestic sight of the fungi palace ascending into the heavens. A fellow traveler overhears you exclaim, “What an honour to have been invited to such a prestigious realm. Bless the one who imagined such magnificence.”

View of walled Fungi Palace from docked boat. Boulder wall to right. Water and land is blue with red mushroom tops.
Fungi Ascending by Nathan Parkinson, Prismacolor & Ink, April 2022

For Drawabox’s 2022 Spring PromptathonDay 2: Mushroom Manor